LokalizacjaRogoźnica 2015
Status Finished
Developed, in the course of implementation of many facilities for the industry, including energy industry, work organization of our assembly teams allows for a reliable performance of all the planned phases in the expected dates. From the design of the hall, through the execution of earthworks and foundations, parallel prefabrication of elements, transport for the installation of steel structures. The efficient joining of the base parts of the structure is accompanied by quality certificates, held by STALKONCEPT Sp. o.o. including for the assembling works. Therefore the customer receives an extended guarantee of quality also for this type of activities, e.g. for riveting, structural parts joining, welding, support structures welding, bolt connections and butt threading and rolling down. In addition to assembly of halls steel structures we execute the construction of flyovers, steel structures of elevator shafts, steel frames of sheds, reinforced concrete structures, steel support structures, steel girders.
March 8, 2014
assembly of the structure