LokalizacjaRzeszów 2015
Status Finished
The basic material for the production of steel construction elements are supplied by steel mills, producers of semi-finished steel: I-beams, ducts, angles and flat steel, sheet piles, steel, hollow sections, rebar, pipes, quality steel and other. We produce of them comprehensive structures both within the framework of the halls turnkey and custom designed execution according to the designs provided by customers. Selection of steel, the type of construction elements, structural calculations, strength calculations, architectural designs are executed by our specialists design engineers. In our work, knowledge is combined with experience in the construction of industrial facilities so we can offer modern, durable structures meeting very high design requirements. STALKONCEPT Sp. z o.o.means the production of complete sets of stainless steel and selected groups of elements: steel girders, beams, columns, pillars, arches, reinforcements, bars and purlins. As part of the preparation of the steel structures we prepare steel for spot joints, butt joints, welding on site, for a smooth joining of elements with screws and convenient transportation of the structure.
January 9, 2014
finishing works