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General construction

Stalkoncept comprehensively operates in the field of general construction by designing and executing concrete foundations (foundation footings, ceilings), concrete foundation walls and the foundation blocks.  We execute masonry works within constructions of entire buildings or their parts; we build using concrete and ceramic airbricks, silicates, aerated concrete, etc. We also execute traditional or system chimneys and ventilation systems. We offer comprehensive roofing services (covering with tar paper, PVC membrane and steel sheet).

Through many years of work we have gained experience which allows us to take on any challenge regarding construction of new buildings, renovations and interior finish. Our capabilities can be proven by the execution of renovation of a historic building located in Łańcut.



The experience gained in the construction market in the implementation of industrial facilities allows us to assess the planned construction in terms of the impact of different design solutions on the costs, while maintaining the investment function. Therefore, upon receiving from the Investor documentation or the design assumptions, we are able to evaluate them and present possible changes or solutions, and cost savings associated with them. In the case of entrusting us with the General Contracting of a building we control and coordinate all the works associated with the project throughout it period. In this way we release the Investor from discussions with many subcontractors and cover with the guarantee comprehensive solutions for the entire building.


The best solution, in which we can use our skills, is a one-stop service, where from the very beginning of the project all the elements of construction are optimized depending on the needs and budget of the investor.


When our company is selected, we guarantee a riable performance of the entrusted works, full consultancy, designing servicesand timely execution of orders while our estimators provide reliable valuation of the works on the basis ofconstruction cost estimate.


When presenting our offer within General Contracting, we can offer an optional replacement solutions, if we see a reasonable possibility therefore, Because of our extensive experience in the market, we can also offer the Investor fitting the solutions in such a way as to meet both financial and functional requirements.


Professionalism, punctuality and reliability are our priority objectives, which result in both customer satisfaction and good reputation in the market.

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